I'm B, hello and welcome.

Posting things I like. Mainly comic, video game and movie stuff, but expect a little bit of everything.

Let me know if you have questions or concerns, I'll be more then happy to answer them.

Still getting the hang of this tumblr thing (despite having this account for years) so forgive me if I screw up.





Because the gifs can’t do justice to the insanely funny horror that is Mr Blobby on the Big Fat Quiz of the 90s.

I seriously cannot handle this.

oh no


The finished Hexafusion meme!

Jolyne Kujo + Juri Han + Rita Repulsa

This was a ton of fun to do, especial with Rita Repulsa in there, who I cannot believe I thought of her for this within the span of like a minute. ;^^

Please enjoy!